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5 Must See Art Museums in New Orleans

New Orleans is a city rich in Creole culture. Visitors enjoy various activities that capture the essence of its French ancestry. To get a true appreciation for this region, there are various places that display its art, food, and history. Here are 5 must see art museums in New Orleans.


  1. Algiers Folk Art Zone and Blues Museum

Located at Algiers Point, this “living” museum was established by Charles Gillam, a self-taught artist. In his pieces, he pays tribute to the area’s rich culture. Visitors can admire his concrete sculptures, music memorabilia, and works finished by other well-known artists. A special highlight is Gillam’s “Blues Greats” series, which features sculpted faces of Memphis Minnie and similar musicians.

  1. New Orleans Museum of Art

NOMA is home to a $200 million collection scattered among 46 galleries. It was started by Isaac Delgado, a wealthy sugar broker who wanted to build a place where works of art could safely be displayed for the citizens of New Orleans. After his death, renovations have made room for the ultimate viewing of artwork from the Italian Renaissance to today.

  1. Besthoff Sculpture Garden

This sculpture garden is approximately five acres of mature landscape that contains unique art pieces. It is adjacent to the New Orleans Museum of Art and displays contemporary exhibits that inspire creativity. Some of the most unique pieces include Kenneth Snelson’s Vulane Tower, a stainless steel masterpiece positioned above the tranquil water, and Lachaise Gaston’s bronze sculpture of a “Heroic Man.”

  1. Newcomb Art Gallery

A hidden gem in Tulane University is the Newcomb Art Gallery. It provides visitors the opportunity to learn about art from various eras, locations, and artists. Throughout the year, exhibitions are created to encourage the exchange of ideas concerning innovative art and design. The most popular collection on display is Newcomb Pottery, which dates back to 1895.

  1. Odgen Museum of Southern Art

Located in the Warehouse Arts District, this museum celebrates the history and culture of the American South. On display is the largest collection of Southern art, which showcases works from the District of Columbia and 15 other southern states. On certain evenings, the atrium is filled with performances by local musicians.

No visit to Louisiana is complete without a trip to New Orleans. Besides the world-class cuisine, its culture can be experienced through its various art showcases. The above examples are 5 must see art museums in New Orleans. They are perfect places to soak up the region’s history and talent.

Written by Max, marketing assistant for FUHWE, the hottest new travel app and website that creates unparalleled, memorable travel experiences by connecting explorers with locals.

How do we Manage Stress?

Stress can be tough to evade, but with these tips anyone can learn to slow down and enjoy the moment. To begin, meditating and breathing exercises are a sure fire way to manage stress. Simply begin breathing in for 3 seconds, hold your breath for 3 seconds and then breathe out for 3 seconds. This will lower your heart rate, blood pressure, and ultimately allow your muscles to relax a bit, which clears the mind. If under stress that you want to deal with immediately, definitely try breathing exercises.


Can Exercise Help?

Another way to manage stress is to exercise. Exercise is known to increase the “feel good” chemicals into the brain such as serotonin and norepinephrine. People often report the great feeling they have after exercise as “runner’s high” because it does have such a profound effect on the body and mind. Exercising makes us feel good, allows us to blow off steam, and is great for our bodies. Finally, eating right is a major key to dealing with sleeping problems, illness or even depression. Loading the body with high fat, high carb food can make you feel lethargic and moody, which can lead to lack of exercise, sunlight and even water. What your body takes in is what your mind uses as fuel, so choosing poor eating habits can definitely lead to illness and depression.

What about Food?

Making sure you are eating a balanced meal of vegetables, starch and protein is essential to keeping your body’s hormones in balance, a fundamental tool in battling the negative effects of stress. Instead of fighting stress after it happens, prevent it by treating your body right with healthy nutrition, plenty of both physical and meditative exercises.

Max is a consultant for Point Above, a mindfulness, leadership and business coach based out of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Dustin M. Lemelin: an Entrepreneur Dedicated to Using Practical Creativity to Shepherd Businesses to Top-Notch Levels

PORTLAND, MAINE, APRIL 23, 2016— With an affectionate love and passion for seeing businesses grow and thrive stronger in this difficult economic times, Dustin M. Lemelin the New Hampshire-born entrepreneur who now lives in Maine is keen on using his vast experiences in the entrepreneurship world in building a better business economy.

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How to Enjoy Mt. Baker Lodging

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