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3 Crucial Tips about Everest Trekking Adventure You Can’t Afford To Miss

If you are arranging a trek to Everest Base Camp, Nepal, these are the 3 essential tips to ensure that you have a fruitful and delightful time on this lovely trek to the base of the world’s most remarkable mountain.

These are the top tips for a trek to Everest base camp.

Train Before you go. The trek to Everest Base Camp is a spectacular walk through the world most renowned path to Mount Everest. You don’t need any past specialized altitude or climbing experience to adore the trek. But you should be physically fit to have the ability to finish the trek and to completely appreciate the adventure. I would suggest that you prepare yourself by spending few days doing some kind of bizarre physical activity before you begin the trek. You can also walk for few hours consecutively to get your body prepared. In the event that you don’t have entry to mountains or slopes to prepare on, you can simply add additional weight to your backpack and simply do longer walks on the treadmill or in the exercise center.


Rationally Prepare. Subject to your level of comfort with the outside world, you may need to prepare yourself for the mountains. All accommodation on trek to Everest Base Camp is in small tea houses; run by the neighborhood Sherpa. You will have bed to rest on (though not the most comfortable bed, but rather a bed a least), in a twin-shared room. There are possibilities for showers on the trail, if you choose to utilize them; in any case, numerous people keep clean by using hand sanitizer and a bowl of warm water on daily basis. The toilet circumstances can be challenging at times, in the tea houses they are generally not Western-style toilets, rather only a gap in the ground rather than a modern toilet. You should be prepared to utilize outdoors on occasion when you are on the trail with no tea house nearby. You do need to prepare yourself for these things, as you would not want to arrive on the mountain and have higher hopes and be dissatisfied.

Get the Right Gear. There are numerous gears that are important for the trek into Everest Base Camp. I am simply going to highlight particular pieces that I perceived to be more vital. Your feet are most vibrant part of the body to take care of while trekking. Your feet should be comfortable and dry constantly. Purchase a decent, strong, waterproof pair of trekking boots and ensure that you soften them up before you leave for Nepal. In addition, purchase yourself a decent jacket. Generally the tea houses are entirely cold higher up the trail; the coat will be very useful each night during dinner. Also, have both a platypus (ie, Camelbak brand) water hauler and a Nalgene plastic jug. Drinking water is important on the mountains and I find that having a Camelbak helps you to drink more water as you don’t need to stop to get the bottle out to drink, you can take the Nalgene bottle all through the trek and have it filled with hot water each night to warm your sleeping bag. Another necessity on Everest Base Camp is having a sun cap. The sun can be greatly intense in the Himalayas, and you need to have much cover from the sun as possible. These few tips are not the only gear you will need while trekking, but they are most important that I would suggest you have it in your kit pack.


Having a tour to Everest Base Camp, Nepal has been the dream of many including me since I was a kid. With the tips above, you are at a greater chance to fruitful and delightful time on this lovely trek to the base of the world’s most remarkable mountain.

These unique tips were provided by Balaram Thapa,  Nepal Hiking Team member, most trusted local tour operator throughout Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. You can contact him directly through email: or phone: 0977 014389212 (Balaram Thapa)

High-Risk Pregnancy: Its Risk Factors, Preventative Measures, and Treatment

A high-risk pregnancy can be alarming news for both mother and baby.

Oftentimes, extra care and monitoring will be required especially while the baby is still in the womb. This is done to help warrant the safety of both parties.

If you have a high-risk pregnancy, it is crucial that you gain insight as to why similar conditions occur and the likely causes so you’ll know what to do and what to look out for.


Risk factors

More often than not, a high risk pregnancy may be caused by the following:

Pre-existing medical conditions

Medical conditions like hypertension, cardiovascular problems, autoimmune diseases, metabolic conditions, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and immunodeficiency diseases can increase the risk for both mother and child.

In addition, a history of pregnancy problems such as miscarriage and a family history of genetic abnormalities are also considered significant factors.

If you have any of the aforementioned medical conditions, make sure you seek advice from a healthcare practitioner before you decide to become pregnant. Your doctor may require you to undergo a series of tests and prescribe appropriate medications to ensure a healthy pregnancy.


Compared to women in their early or late twenties, those who are under 17 years of age or over 35 have a higher risk of having complications during pregnancy. Likewise, women in their early 40s are found to have an increased risk of having miscarriages.

Health problems that appear during pregnancy

Although perfectly healthy prior to pregnancy, some women become susceptible to developing serious medical conditions while conceiving. Some of these conditions include the following:


This condition occurs during pregnancy and is characterized by fluid retention, high blood pressure, and proteinuria (abnormal amount of protein in the urine).

If left untreated, this can jeopardize the health of both the mother and the unborn baby. If you’re diagnosed with preeclampsia, make sure you strictly follow and adhere to whatever instructions and recommendation your doctor will prescribe.

With proper management, the risks of complications that can potentially result to maternal and infant death are greatly reduced.

Gestational diabetes mellitus or GDM

This type of diabetes only affects pregnant women. Gestational diabetes usually develops later in the pregnancy, often in the third trimester. This is the time when the placenta produces more hormones. This excessive hormone production eventually inhibits the mother’s insulin.

GDM usually disappears once the baby is born. However, affected women will become more vulnerable at developing type 2 DM.

Pregnancy-related problems

In some cases, a high-risk pregnancy doesn’t occur because of the mother’s health but due to the pregnancy itself.

Premature labor

Otherwise known as preterm labor, this occurs when uterine contractions cause the cervix to open earlier than expected (often before 37 weeks of pregnancy). Factors that predispose a woman to this condition include shortened cervix, urinary tract infections, and/or a history of premature birth.


Placenta previa

This is a condition where the placenta wholly or partially covers the cervix, thereby inhibiting the normal process of vaginal delivery.

When the woman is about to give birth and the placenta is still covering the cervix, the doctor will most likely resort to cesarean section to minimize bleeding.

Fetal problems

About 2 to 3 per cent of all babies develop structural problems while still in the womb.

Congenital anomalies or other fetal issues can be detected by an ultrasound. Sometimes, the cause of these conditions can be attributed to family history. However, in some cases, they are totally unexpected.

Preventative Measures and Treatment

To reduce the risk of developing any pregnancy-related conditions, it would be best to check with a healthcare practitioner. Most doctors would strongly recommend regular prenatal appointments even if you think it would be unnecessary. Keep in mind that when it comes to your safety and that of the baby, it pays to have all the bases covered.

The Keys


The Florida Keys are much more than one Tiki Bar after another.   While the Keys are often seen as the perfect place to vacation, the series of islands accommodate over 77,000 residents who shop for groceries, attend school, run businesses, and go to work, much like most places in the country.  The fact that these activities are conducted on islands in the midst of a vast ocean is just a side note for those who live there.  While there are over 1700 islands in the Keys, only a handful are available for inhabitants.  To get from one island to another, an overseas thoroughfare was converted from an old railroad route to an interstate highway offering extensive views of the ocean.



The Florida Keys represent the southernmost part of the United States and boast some of the warmest tropical weather in the country, thus the lure to vacation there.  Inhabitants can feel like they are on a Caribbean island without leaving the U.S.  The Keys house some of the most appealing beaches and resorts in the country, and visitors can stay secluded or within a community, depending on their purpose for being there.

Getting to the Keys is relatively easy and a short trip of 2-5 hours by plane.  Arriving by boat is also possible, which makes illegal activity simple for criminals.  Whether transporting drugs or people, both the Mexican and Cuban borders are close enough to the Keys for smuggling operations to be undetectable by authorities.   The Keys are less than 100 miles from Cuba; while some people appreciate that distance for drug operations or a boat ride to a new life in America, some people like it for swimming.  Yes, a few people have braved the distance from Key West to Cuba for the sport of it.

Nobody wants to think of natural disasters, especially if they are on vacation or have settled into a location they consider home.  However, those living and visiting in the Keys have a chance of being evacuated when the weather becomes dangerous.  Even minor hurricanes can cause winds and waves that damage anything standing and flood anything that is not.


Whether in your back yard, or 2500 miles away from home, once in the Keys, people have plenty to do.  Visitors can walk along main streets of each island and learn about different cultures.  Shopping in distinctive local shops is a popular activity.  Additionally, there are fishing charters scuba diving lessons, and restaurants to discover; there are beaches for swimming, which include the equipment to explore the ocean and coral reef – snorkeling, kayaking, and windsailing.

The Islands are not just beaches, either.  There are national parks and industrial areas where fishing is about making a living not just hanging out on a boat for an afternoon.  As the island economies rely on tourists, there is often plenty to do when visiting.  From Tiki Bars in the pool of your resort to popular night clubs within walking distance, there is plenty to do whether you are a visitor or a local.

4 Reasons It is Important to Wear Shoes that are Good to Your Feet

Why do women wear shoes? Well, aside from the primary goal to keep the feet protected when moving around, women wear shoes to boost their confidence. Shoes have become more than just protective body accessories, as throughout time they have evolved into fashion essentials as well. Hence, when shopping for shoes these days, women juggle between essentials such as protection and comfort, and fashion and style.

But regardless of today’s fashion trends, it is very important for women to wear shoes that are good to their feet. Not all shoes for women are created equal in the first place-some are made to last a lifetime, others stay trendy for  just a season or two, while there are also those that strike a balance between comfort and style.


If you’re planning to shop for shoes one of these days, it is a must to keep in mind to find footwear pieces that are good to your feet. These reasons below will tell you exactly why:

  1. You allow your feet to move with ease.

Your feet function so that you are able to move from one place to another. However, they get tired and strained as well after being put to work for several hours-just like the rest of your body. By wearing shoes that are both sturdy and comfortable, your feet are not only able to move with better mobility, but also withstand the stress since they get to relax while in your shoes.

Wearing shoes that are good to your feet also helps avoid issues such as muscle strains, tendinitis, and other foot ailments that often hamper your ability to do regular footwork.

  1. Your feet are saved from getting injured.

A lot of women’s shoes tend to be tricky to wear. These include those that come in high heels, clunky soles, and complicated straps. But not all of these shoe designs are bad for your feet; some of them are specially designed to that when worn, you are still able to move and feel at ease.

When shopping for fashionable shoes such as these, it is important that you try them on first and see whether they fit your feet perfectly. The perfect fit means that your feet are comfortable and secure in these shoes, and with the perfect fit, your feet are able to avoid injuries as well.

  1. The right shoes make you feel confident.

Confidence usually stems from the ground up, thus when your feet are not confident with the shoes they’re in, the same feeling will resonate in your overall persona as well. It is thus a must that you wear shoes that are good to your feet; in the right shoes your feet are able to follow your moves and while at the same time keep you grounded especially in times when you are out of your comfort zone.


For most women, shoes that make them more confident are those with high heels, mainly because these give them more height. However, you need not slip into stilettos all the time; you can feel pretty and smart in sneakers, so long as your feet are comfortable in them.

  1. You are able to carry your body weight better with the right shoes.

Lastly, when looking for shoes for women, it is essential that you check on designs that are able to accommodate the body weight well. Shoes with soles that promote even distribution of body weight allow you not only to move freely and confidently, but also enable you to run, jump, and strut without being at risk to falling or tripping. The right shoes help you recognize your weight and distribute it evenly once you step on the ground.

Tuol Sleng in Cambodia

The Tuol Sleng is a museum located in the capital of Cambodia named Phnom Penh. Tuol Sleng actually means “the hill of the poisonous trees”. And today I feel the desire to tell you the story behind this place often known as Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum.It seems a horrific place to me as this place was at fist used as a school and then in Khmer Rouge regime it was converted into a notorious and horrible security prison and more than 20,000 prisoners were executed their mysteriously.


While visiting it you’ll notice many small compartments, these are actually the torture cells having a small toilet box and a bed. Whenever a prisoner was brought to this cell, at first his/her photograph was taken. And in case the during all the torture the prisoner meet death then his/her photo was hanged on the wall of that torture cell. The prisoners were tortured to such extent that the blood spatter can still be seen on the roof and walls of the blocks.

There were several rooms in this prison where two photos of each prisoner are hung which shows them before coming to this prison and after they had been tortured. And you’ll find that place so heart-wrenching because the prisoners include children too.

Among the many prisoners only seven prisoners survived and among them, it is said that only three people are still alive. Chim Math, Bou Ming, and Chum Mey are the three lucky survivors of the Tuol sleng. They were kept alive because their captors thought that they have some useful skills which can help them. Bou Ming was an awesome artist while Chum Mey was an expert in repairing machines.


But now this place is considered as the tourist attraction and here I have given you a glimpse of what this place offers you as a tourist.


What to See in Catania and How to Get There

A charming city in the eastern coast of Sicily, Catania is a beautiful place with exuberant Baroque architecture and majestic natural beauty. Whether you admire the sea or the mountains, enjoy a romantic stroll by the beach or a walk down a historic cathedral, Catania has it all and more. Delicious Sicilian food, cheap and reliable Catania airport taxi services, friendly locals always willing to swap stories with you, the city is teeming with hospitality and warmth. Here are our top picks of best sights in Catania that you must not miss.


  1. Mount Etna

Catania is located at the base of Mount Etna, the largest stratovolcano in Europe. Affordable and guided tours to Mount Etna are available easily from Catania and offer a great opportunity to experience the unique beauty of nature. Every year, a large number of people descend on Catania en route to Mount Etna.

  1. San Benedetto

Built in the early eighteenth century, San Benedetto is an imposing cathedral built in honour of Saint Benedict of Nursia. With its high ceilings, brilliant frescos and gilded chandeliers, San Benedetto continues to amaze tourists even today. It can be easily accessed via local transport from any part of Catania.

  1. Castello Ursino

Built in the thirteenth century, this historic castle has been the crown jewel for Catania for a very long time. The name of the castle literally means Bear Castle. It is located smack in the middle of the city and in close proximity to the Catania rail and bus stations. Its sheer scale and size impresses the tourists who tread its grounds in wonder.

  1. Catania Cathedral


Also known as Duomo di Catania, the Catania Cathedral was constructed in the latter half of the nineteenth century to commemorate St. Agatha. The beautiful cathedral displays wonderful specimens of the Sicilian Baroque architecture and contains the tomb of Vincenzo Bellini. The Cathedral is located right in the Plaza del Duomo, thus being easily accessible from any part of the city.

  1. Basilica della Collegiata

Constructed in late Eighteenth Century, the Basilica della Collegiata is another mesmerising example of Sicilian Baroque. The beautiful cathedral is important both from a religious and historic point of view.

A visit to Catania is a quintessentially Italian experience with a dash of culture cuisine and hospitality. It will not even cost you a bomb. So head over to the exotic island for a truly memorable holiday. Happy travelling.

Turtle Airways – Fiji’s Best Resort Transfer Service

So, you’ve finally decided to visit Fiji during your holidays, right? Congrats, you’ve made a good decision as there’s so much you can explore from nature’s beauty. Fiji is a country with 881,065 population, consisting of more than 300 beautiful islands. It’s one of the hottest tourism spots where you find complete peace and can enjoy a soothing break from your boring routine life. Getting to one of your desired islands is not that much easy unless you make it through a reliable transfer company. You may be confused with different resort transfer companies claiming to be the best and affordable, but it isn’t necessary that they do exactly what they say.


You can’t risk your holidays by just trusting anyone. You should do a little research online and find the best services operating in FiJi. Anywhow, I know a name that has been providing reliable & affordable resort transfer services for decades in Fiji.

Turtle Airways is one of the leading island transfer companies in Fiji, offering all-inclusive resort transfer services at an amazing price you can’t resist. They have a team of highly experienced professionals who know exactly how to make a great relationship with customers.

Below is a company’s mission statement:

‘’Our mission is to offer our passengers a breathtaking low-flying scenic transfer that is safe, reliable, convenient, and fast.’’

Turtle Airways has a wide range of stunning seaplanes to bring you the best resort transfer services in Fiji. Be it Mamanuca islands or Yasawa islands, they get you to your desired island in just a few minutes. They not only provide transfer services but also offer a sight-seeing, heartbreaking tour by seaplane.

If you’re interested in availing their services, you can visit their website or contact them by simply filling out their inquiry form.