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Top Summer Destinations

Screenshot_2Whether you are filling your RV with accessories for the next trip, or you are simply thinking of getting away for the summer fun, these 10 destinations should be on your list.


Ask anyone anywhere about a summer or honeymoon destination and Hawaii will always pop up. The magical beaches in Hawaii never go wrong.


Whether you want to enjoy the many golden beaches, the vast deserts, the tallest builds in the world, Dubai is the place.


The city with waterways in the streets and so much more to see. Enjoy the colors while soaking in the sun and the fun.

Bora Bora

Often called the honeymooners’ paradise, Bora Bora is filled with scenes only seen in fictional movies.

The Bahamas

If you need to go on some summer fun with your family, The Bahamas is the place you should be considering.


This city offers the best combination of the American culture in nature. You get to enjoy sunny beaches and great clubs to blow off the steam.

Catalina Island, California

An aerial picture of this island will be enough to convince you that you should partake in the fun. Hiking, snorkeling and all summer activities are on the list here.

Mackinac Island

This Michigan island has endless beaches all packed with beautiful golden sands and blue seas all for you.

Ocean City, MD

Best known for its boardwalk, dishes and wines, this location has lots to offer different from the rest of the names on this list.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

With aquariums and lots to enjoy, this beach is meant to entertain the whole family.

Always find good packages for your visits to save you money when visiting each location. Keep in mind that each location has a different experience to offer.

Author bio: Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at Stylerail, a lifestyle blog as well as Sataco, an electro mechanical company in Lebanon.


Tips to Take Babies to Camping

Want to take babies to camping?

Some people think before regarding taking the babies to camping. If there is any baby in your house, you will need to plan camping with baby in different way by all odds than you normally would, however do not hold back the camping plan due to your kids. With babies, you should make sure that you keep warmer baby pajamas in bag for sleep time. It might even be a nice idea to keep a couple of low weight baby pajamas in your bag and a couple of warmer baby wears as well. Do it in the same way when considering clothing.


You may be hopeful of a truly warm climate and may need to face a truly cold night breeze. Babies can feel cool weather earlier than others. You also like to ensure your insect spray is particularly designed for babies. Babies are considered to suck their feet and hands in their mouth much more and you don’t like them to get any harmful chemical in their mouth. The covering bug net is a good option for bugs to keep away.

If a kid is going to sit and pay in stroller, you can cover the stroller using bug net. The kids, particularly younger ones might not have the adroitness in using hands to keep a mosquito or fly away. We need to keep them safe from flies or mosquitoes all the time. This law also comes true to sunscreen additionally. Babies of less than six month age should never be exposed in sun light. If they need to be exposed in sun rays, they must be covered using proper sunscreen and clothing as it should be. Keep in mind that in case, you are enjoying in swimming pool, you should apply the sunscreen again following 2 hours at least.