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Tips For Those Who Want To Trip To Lipa Cave

Incredible trails, waterfalls and rappels make Lipa Cave a very famous among adventurers, but to visit the region, it is not enough to enjoy trails and enjoy nature. To get the most out of the day you will have to get up early, walk a lot, spend a good part of the day with your foot (or even the whole body) wet.

To avoid any unforeseen events that may be detrimental to your trip to Lipa Cave, we have listed some important tips for those who want to have a peaceful stay without problems and make the most of this incredible trip.


1 – Disconnect

Nowadays it is difficult to find someone who spends more than 3 hours without checking the cell phone or traveling without posting a single photo on Facebook, but if you go to Lipa cave, it will happen. Whether you want to or not, you will be disconnected from everything and everyone who has not traveled with you. Look for a better mobile data service that can be available in cave.

2 – Do the math before

The difficulty continues when you try to take money or fuel for the car. You can have to face problem in fining gas station or bank in the area. To make matters worse, not all places accept cards, so the most important tip is: take money.

So, before you go, it’s worth having cash in hand so you do not have to worry about running out of money.

3 – Hire a guide

It is a very long cave (2.5 kilometres). To enter you need to pay a fee and you can only follow if you have a guide to take you to the cave. You may be lost, miss an important place or even experience a serious accident if you don’t hire a guide.

Have The Fun That is the London Pub Crawl

The London Pub Crawl has won the acclaim of many partying experts for the level of fun it offers for almost nothing. With a chance to party all year round, you can’t afford to miss out on the fun. Whether you choose the Camden Pub Crawl or the Shoreditch Pub Crawl, you will be enjoying many benefits including;


Free entry to five clubs/bars

With your ticket, you have a free pass to five clubs or bars as per the choosing of your team. If you’ve been on a pub crawl before, you know the amount of fun you will be having sampling five clubs.

Five free shots

In each bar to get to, you will be offered free shots as a way to start you off. As one of the most unique drinks in any club, free shots are an awesome deal.

The great company

On your side are a team of the best partygoers you can ever wish for. They will ensure you go to the most fun clubs, have the most fun and get the best of everything. With this crew, you will be unstoppable.

The dedicated photographer

It’ll be not fun if your prowess is not etched in pictures to brag to your friends once the party is over. On your tow will be a professional photographer ready to make you look awesome at all times. Whenever you do something worth remembering, be sure that it will be there on the party photo album.

Bargain drinks

Once you are handed your arm band, you will be having great deals on all drinks. While the rest of the revelers will be limiting how much they can drink, you will be enjoying the best brands without incurring a fortune. The few pounds you would have spent on the ticket become the most valuable thing of the night when the pub crawl commences.

The plan for the night

Heading out on a London Pub Crawl is never a random process. You have five stages the first of which is meeting the crew you will be racing with in the first bar.

The second stage of the pub crawl involves mainly mingling with the people on your team. This is a great chance to know your crew members better for the fun ahead. These people will be with you the whole night hence knowing them well is a good thing to do. After that, your next step is drinking with your new friends. This being the third club in your pub crawl, you would have gotten used to your crew that going from one club to the other isn’t an issue. Enjoy the drinks as you dance to the unique music each club will be offering.

If you are still holding up by the fourth bar, you have the chance to dance to the great music being played by the deejays in the club. Remember, you would have just downed your fourth shot and several drinks on the pub crawl.

The last stage of the pub crawl is endless partying. This is the highlight of the pub crawl whether scouring the naturalistic alleys of Camden or the friendly streets of Shoreditch. If you took your drinks with regulation, you would be happy to make it to the last pub with all the fun it has.

London has some of the best clubs and bars in the world and a chance to sample five of them on a single night while spending very little is a golden opportunity for anyone in love with the London Nightlife.