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Don’t Fly Emirates – They Have Lost My Luggage Worth 3000 USD

This article is dedicated to all those who are thinking to fly with Emirates. They do nothing but waste your time and money with their poor management services. They have lost my valuable items and they don’t even care about it. I contacted them immediately as soon as I realized I have lost my laptop and necklace. They responded to my query many days later saying ‘’The matter has been brought to the attention of Aviation Security and to the Emirates Airport Services Manager in DPS airport for their review and necessary action. On this occasion, we would like to have your cooperation to provide us with the receipt that you hold for such lost item.’’

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I provided them with all the receipts they asked for. Since that day, they didn’t respond to my queries and it looks like they don’t want to compensate me for the loss. I was traveling from Dubai to Bali to spend my holidays. But who would have known that this would be my worst trip.

Upon my arrival in Bali Airport, I received my checked in luggage damaged and some of my items (my valuable necklace and laptop) were missing. I am not paid to defame Emirates Airlines. There’s nothing like this. I just want to share my story with everyone in order to let you know how poor their services are. They don’t listen to your complaints even if you’ve lost your entire luggage. So, stay away from them and try flying with other airline that you can count on.

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Tips For Choosing the Right Private Vacation Rental

Struggling to find the right private vacation rental due to a huge competition? Well, you’re not alone. It’s nearly everyone wants to choose the best, but only a few succeed in their quest to find the right service provider. Bearing this in mind, we have assembled some handy tips that will surely make it easy for you to find the right private vacation rental. Let’s take a look at them below;


Read reviews

You should adopt a habit of checking reviews prior to availing any service online. This way you can make an exact idea of the services you’re about to avail. You may also visit their website or ask your friends for their recommendations.

You also need to use the right queries in the search engine while browsing. For instance, if you want to avail vacation rental services in Spain, you should use query like Private Vacation Rentals in Spain to get the most accurate results.

Make everything clear

It goes without saying the no one wants conflicts, especially during their vacation. To avoid these conflicts, one should be well aware of everything. You should be a little skeptical while picking a vacation rental because there’s no lack of novices who can spoil your vacation. Try to make everything clear before availing their services to avoid any possible conflict later. It’s quite similar to finding Cheap Ticket Flights. With a little patience, you can surely find the right one that suits you the best.

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Things You Can Do to Lose Weight Fast

Looking great is nearly everyone’s desire and for this we use different expensive products and treatments. In reality, most of them are nothing and waste your time and money too. If you’re looking for ways to get slim and reduce your body fat, we’ve put together some handy things you should really do. Let’s find out how you can get slim by doing these easy things.


Drink a lot of water

It’s not that we are saying that you should drink gallons of water, we just want to let you know the importance of water. Improve your water intake and you should drink at least 8 glasses of pure, fresh water to stay fully active and hydrated. Believe me, water has no calories and it won’t make you fat.

If you’ve tried different weight loss products and treatments, you should really consider trying Bali Weight Loss camp. Weight loss retreats are quite common and I can say for sure that they really works.

Make a proper diet plan

You need to devise a diet plan to keep obesity at bay. You should consult with your physicians to get the best diet plan. Eating less is the key to getting slim. Avoid everything that can cause obesity. A poor eating habit is the main reason behind the rise in obesity.  So, next time you eat junk foods, do consider the consequences. Avoid all junk and processed foods because they can lead to obesity.

Rely on fresh fruits and vegetables and eat as less as possible. Try to add healthy foods into your diet plan because they provide you with all the essential nutrients and minerals without adding any fat.

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Important Things to Consider Before Car Rental

To make no mistake when renting a car, clarifying the main doubts may be the first step.

It is common to have questions before contacting a rental company and finally rent a car Menorca service, especially when the deal is first made or during travel. Thinking about it, we made a selection with the main issues to be relieved when it comes to renting a car. Know more!


  1. What are the requirements for renting a car?

Many car rental agencies require the contractor to be at least 21 years old (age considered for civil liability), but this may change according to the company or country where the service is contracted. Another common condition in car rental is that the contractor has a driver’s license for at least two years.

  1. How are the rates calculated and what are the main forms of payment?

When renting a vehicle, the user will pay for daily rates equivalent to the period in which he / she is with the car, and each day lasts 24 hours – that is, when picking up the cars at 10am, it must be returned at 10am on the day scheduled for the delivery.

The timetable may vary but not recommended, for example, pick up at noon and return at 2pm the next day – in these cases, the two overtime hours will be counted in the total amount. Regarding the payment methods, the credit card is the most common, since it also facilitates the approval of the registration.

  1. What is the difference between free mileage and controlled mileage?

In the free km, the renter can walk at ease with the rented vehicle, without worrying about paying more for each kilometer rotated, since this value is included in the total value of the daily rates.

In the controlled km, the price of the daily rates is not established, but counted in the return of the car, considering the total kilometers traveled during the rental of the vehicle.