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How to Prepare Yourself before Travelling Abroad?

Firstly, double check with your doctor and make sure that you are medically fit to travel to another country. Have you taken all the proper vaccinations that are required? Travelling to a new country exposes you to elements that can trigger some serious complications; these health-related issues may require emergency medical attention. Renew your prescriptions so that in case of an emergency in a foreign land, the doctors would know your case history and fast action can be taken.

How to Prepare Yourself before Travelling

– Make sure that you make copies of your passport and photographs and carry them with you. This is because incase of loss or theft of your passport you will be able to prove your citizenship and get back to your country. It is advisable to scan your passport and store it in your email account as well.

– Once you reach the foreign destination of your choice, the first thing that you should do is register with your embassy. In case of any emergency in the foreign country, the government of your home country can contact you and bring you back to safety.

– It is very important that you know the conversion rate of the currency in force and make arrangement for finances accordingly. Do your math’s well before you travel, so that you are not in for any bad surprises.

– Check with your credit card company and make sure that your credit card is accepted in the country you plan to visit. Apart from that make sure that you carry enough local cash because public transportation systems and your shopping sprees at local markets will need cash for the completion of small transactions.

Once you are travel ready, you need to purchase travel insurance, but which one? Well, compare travel insurance with Gobear and find the best offer in just a few seconds. The best time to purchase travel insurance is at least a month or two before your trip or at the time you are booking your flight tickets so that you compute the total charges. Make sure that your travel insurance includes medical cover as well so that in case of any accidental situation you can receive medical attention without any delay.

Yes, travel insurance is designed to cover and reduce the risks that are associated with unexpected situations that you might face while travelling in a foreign land. Just log in to Gobear and search and compare the best travel insurance offers and choose the one that satisfies your need and requirements. The comparison ratings at Gobear are unbiased.

Have fun while travelling and be safe!

Important Safety Tips for Travel Enthusiasts

Whether you are going to travel alone for the first time or want to make your travelling safe and smooth, this is the right post we’ve made for you. We’ve put together some of the best travel safety tips that will surely help you enjoy a stress-free travel. Let’s take a look at them below;

Travel Enthusiasts

Keep a good care of your important documents

It’s recommended that you should keep color copies of your important documents to avoid any possible conflicts later. Anything can happen with you while traveling abroad because you’re not aware of all the potential risks. So, keeping copies of your important documents is probably the best thing one can do to ensure safety while travelling abroad.

Get information about airlines baggage

Getting information about airlines baggage is really important. Make sure you are aware of your airline baggage fees and allowances.

Keep local currency with you

In an unknown country, you should keep some local currency as you may need it anytime, anywhere. Keeping local currency in a bulk might be an issue and a little risky. It should be in a normal amount.

Pack light

You don’t need to pack heavy luggage. Carrying heavy luggage is a nuisance and it has been observed that people who carry heavy luggage have to take a good care of their luggage all the time. So, it’s recommended that you should pack light in order to enjoy a stress-free travel.

How you look at these travel safety tips? Want to add something important to this story? Please feel free and don’t hesitate to let us know your valuable thoughts, using the comment section below.

Panchmarhi – Amazing Hill Station of Madhya Pradesh

The state of Madhya Pradesh has lots of tourist spots which are full of awesome natural beauty. One of these excellent locations is Panchmarhi. Panchmarhi is undoubtedly the most scenic place of Madhya Pradesh. It is also listed in the UNESCO biosphere reserve for its amazing flora and fauna. It is located at the height of 1100 m and also has the highest waterfalls in the country. It is also said in legends that the Pandavas stayed at this place during their exile and the entire place has some religious significance for this reason. It is one of the leading hill stations of Madhya Pradesh, and many tourists come here during the summer months to enjoy the cool weather of this location. You can visit this place during the month of April as you can get good relief from the hot sun with the cool breeze of air and the excellent weather here. However, you have to be aware that many tourists come to this place in this season and you will find that the place will be very crowded.



This is the highest point of the entire state, and you will notice that the place has the best view of the surrounding greenery. It is also an ideal location to catch the sunrise, and many photographers come to this place to get the best view from the highest peak. It is located at the height of 4400 feet and is surrounded by the Satpura Range of mountains. Those who love to enjoy natural beauty, this is a must to visit place for them.

Rajendra Giri Sunset Point

The panoramic view of the entire place is mind-blowing, and you will get the best view of the sunset from this location. You can get a glimpse of the entire satpuras from this place, and there is also a Shiva Temple located close to this Hill.

Jatashankar Temple

This temple is situated in a cave, and you will be mesmerized by the amazing beauty of this location. The cave is not suited for elderly people as you will have to go down nearly 100 steps to reach the main temple. Many pilgrims come to this place to get the blessings of Lord Shiva. The natural beauty surrounding the cave will help you to enjoy your vacation in a better way.

Bee Falls

It is also known as JamunaPratap and is one of the most visited places in the state. It is said that the place gets its name because you will get a stinging sensation when you stand under the waterfalls. The water falling from the top creates this sensation, and many people also believe that the water has some special medicinal properties and take a ritualistic bath under the waterfalls.

Pandav Caves

It is said that the Pandavas took rest at this place during their exile period. The ancient Caves are at different Heights, and you can notice that the five Caves are also surrounded by plenty of natural greenery.



When it comes to Prague stag do weekends, you want for sure a once in a lifetime experience. Something unique, relaxing and, in the same time spiced with a little bit of adrenaline. Something hot, but not too dirty, stimulating, but not exhausting. Something that your groom will love to keep in mind for the rest of his life.

The question is: how to get the perfect recipe?

The list of Prague stag do activities is not so short, so you may have a hard time making your itinerary. When it comes to unique experiences, the city has developed an incredible reputation over the years. To help you take some good decisions, here are 3 smart ideas of things to do in Prague on a stag weekend.



If you want a stag do to remember, your schedule must contain at least one crazy activity. What about jumping from a plane? Tempting, but too risky? Here’s a solution: you can try the indoor sky diving experience. The vertical wind tunnel will definitely give you that unique sinking feeling in your stomach.

So go ahead and try that amazing free-fall sensation without concerning about not having prior experience. You’re not exposing yourself to any risk! The indoor tunnel is perfectly adapted for beginning flyers. The flight chamber is completely closed so there’s no way you can fall away from the air stream and hurt yourself.

Not mention that during the entire flight by a qualified instructor. He’ll teach you very quickly how to control your body in the air stream and, if you’re a fast learner you can also try some spectacular moves.

Indoor sky diving is for sure a Prague stag do activity you don’t want to miss!


Pranks and silly costumes are a must have on a stag do weekend. Especially in Prague! Just imagine your groom looking hilarious while chasing the others to shoot them with paint pellets. Sounds fun, isn’t it? Well, there is more! What if you can ask for free drinks during the game?

That’s right! Unlimited beer for you and your fellows will give you superpowers to compete for the title of reigning paintball champion. It will be the funniest, most competitive, colorful two hours of your life. And a memory to keep for the stag.

As for the equipment, instructor, and others organizational details, you can call a specialized company. They’ll do the whole planning, while all you have to be concerned of is spending some quality time with your groom. Pretty convenient, right?


You have to keep in mind that this isn’t just an ordinary city break. It’s a stag do weekend your groom needs to remember for the rest of his life.

However your activity list looks like, there’s no proper stag do weekend without a Prague bar crawl. Plenty of beer, a welcome shut in every bar and last but not least, a lap dance you can’t easily forget. Sounds like the perfect nightlife recipe, isn’t it?

Well, if you add to this a lovely local guide, the fun comes from the house. All you have to do is pick a cool event planner, qualified in abroad stag do weekends. Maybe you can get a personalized package, perfectly adapted to your preferences.

Take a look at the offer and get an amazing stag do weekend in Prague.